Ice fishing on Easter 2014???

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Will we be ice fishing on Easter Sunday this year or will the shore start to melt by then? It looks like some of the coldest weather we have seen in April. I do really think we will be on the ice for a family Easter fishing trip.

It is always here on the resort this time of the year and with the late spring it makes it even more stressfull. We have to get so many things ready before the firsts guests come. The reunion homes are going to get their yearly spring cleaning starting this week. I do have a lot of yard work to get done but there is still snow in the shady spots so that will wait until it is all gone.


Blackduck River is flooding

The Blackduck river is really flowing now with the nice warm days we have had this past week. Here on the resort things are really drying up nice for the spring thaw. Most of the snow is really melting and should be gone by the end of this next week.

The lake is really holding up for ice fishing for another week it looks like. The perch have really been biting and are around 10″ or better. I look for the walleye opener on May 10th should be excellent this year.

All of the reunion homes are all getting a good cleaning before the summer rental season begins in a month. I have along list of things that need to be fixed,replaced or checked on all of the reunion homes.

Minnesota spring break 2014

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Northern Minnesota Mud Season

Here in the sring we have always another season. Whne the winter finally breaks from its grip we go into mud season. A lot of people do not understand the frozen ground thaw and the way it works. The ground freezes 6′ down during the winter and then in the spring the sun will start to warm the surface and the mud season starts. Some years here at the resort we can go a month before it will completely thaw. It needs to thaw all the way for the melting snow to have some place to soak into instead of running off and making everyhting stay wet. It looks like we will be getting some rain this weekend which is the best for breaking the grip on the frozen ground.

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April 8 2014-Still ice fishing

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Today we are still ice fishing here on Blackduck lake and it is April 8th. The ice is still 3′ thick and we are still driving trucks out there. The snow is going away pretty quick since these alst few warm days and tomorrow reaching close to 70* it should almost be gone.

I am going to start working on all of the resort spring to do list since we have to have the everything ready for May 9th and walleye opener May 10th. We will have to see if the ice will be gone before then or if it will be like last year.

All of our cacation homes where stained last fall so they are done on the outside but need some minor repairs on the inside. I do need to repair one of the hot tubs in the reunion homes when it warms up. It needs a new skim coat of cement since it seems to be leaking a little.

The grounds on the resort is drying up pretty good and the “mud season” might be short this spring.



Over a foot of snow to plow.

Today i plowed the resort for 6 hours and have about half the resort done. Hopefully i can get the rest done tomorrow if the old jeep will start in the morning. There should be some good snowmobiling this year with all the early snow.

The hot tubs sure a big hit when the weather turns cold. Nothing better than jumping into 100* water when it is -20 outside.

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Minnesota pond hockey

Yesterday was our first try at pond hockey. I can tell you this is going to be a lot of work to keep the snow off and the ice smooth, but it is a nice little rink we have at the resort. Aaron and I shoveled while Eli and his buddy played hockey. It is nice to walk out our door and go skating if we like to.

Today i worked on the duct work on our house and on the out door boiler stove. Hopefully we can get it up and running sometime this week before it gets any colder.